About me

I am Rigging Artist/Mechanical Engineering, 4+ years documented experience in production environments, passionate and self-taught in Animation, python, English and French, mostly a nerdy happy in family guy. As professional I recognize that is more easy to get the best rigs as a team with great and smart people working together, it is my goal work hard and smart as a team player.

What I do
  • As Rigging Artist I’m able to do: • The hardest rigging tasks, Bipeds, Quadrupeds, Vehicles, Props, Hero Templates • Help Mid and Junior riggers with technical issues • Write and maintain scripts for the department and show, tools developing • Able to work autonomously on difficult tasks with little to no supervision • Write and create new documentation
  • I’m used to work with: • Autodesk Maya • in-House Rigging frameworks • Rig setup and UI / IKFK / Strands / Deformers / Blendshapes / Corrective Shapes / • Fluent in Python - PyMel Object Oriented Scripting and developing